The Passion

a Mystery Play for Holy Week by Mike Sparks

First performed by the Guild Players, Finchley Methodist Church, March 2002


This play has been published by Lazy Bee Scripts

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A cart

List of Characters



Marcellus (a disciple)


Andrew (a disciple)

John (a disciple)


Percula (Pilate's wife)

Caiaphas (the High Priest)

Annas (another Priest)

An Angel

A Woman

Soldier 1

Soldier 2

Malcus (a Soldier)

Mary the Mother

Mary Magdalene


A Man

(Most of the parts are relatively small and can be doubled up if necessary)

Author's Note

This short play has been produced as a modern interpretation of the medieval English Mystery Plays. It is for presentation in much the same way as the originals were, with ordinary people, of any age, playing the parts.

The play is written so that the minimum of setting and costume is necessary. The setting envisaged is just that of a cart, around and upon which the whole play takes place. If no cart or representation is available, then a simple platform or rostrum of some sort would suit adequately. Although full costume might be used, the play will not fail if the cast dress in modern clothes, or simply in dark basic costume with, perhaps, coloured sashes or different hats defining their particular character.

There is no rule as to what music might be appropriate. Certainly, music in the English Folk style might be best, but anything which the Director feels suits the setting within which the play is being performed would be quite acceptable. This could be recorded classical music, hymns or appropriate popular music.

The whole idea is to make the Good Friday story accessible and understandable to everyone, of any age.

The Director is free to make whatever alterations he or she deems necessary to the text to suit the setting in which it is being performed.