Your Country Needs You

(Mike Sparks)

Your country needs you, your country needs you now
Leave the factory, leave the shop, the office and the plough
It blares from every headline and it's seen on every bill
Your country needs you, your country needs you still

That finger pointing at you, it pokes through to your heart
It calls upon all patriots to take their loyal part
To fight for King and country, to stand against the Hun
To take the road to glory with bayonet and gun

In the news the stories tell of victory and gain
To miss the chance of taking part would surely be a shame
You see returning heroes with their medals in a row
You hear the tales of glory that just make you want to go

But let me tell you truly, I'll speak to straight to you
All those tales you've read or heard, well most of them aren't true
So when that finger points at you, remember it's a lie
Just turn your back and walk away, or spit in that General's eye

2002 Mike Sparks

This song appears on the CD 'Going Round Again'