The Shades Of Love

(Mike Sparks)

The gentle shades of night are closing like a velvet blind
Though I'm so far away you're in my thoughts and on my mind
If I could paint a picture on that canvas up above
I'd draw my care and send it with my love

Parting day leaves pastel shades for us to share as fee
To pay the price of darkness which must cover you and me
But as the pinks and scarlets fade into a spreading grey
The colours of your love are here to stay

The stars that twinkle in the blackness each can light the sky
But when they shine together they delight the watchers eye
And like the thousand lights that glisten in the milky way
My love is clear though I'm so far away

The shadow moon that casts it's net to herald in the night
Could bring a new perception to each known familiar sight
But in that orb of colour, in the softness of it's glow
I think of you again and miss you so

But when the day is breaking and the darkness loses sway
I'm left to face the world without you for another day
But I know that when that darkness reaches you you'll look above
And in the shades and colours read my love

1998 Mike Sparks

This song appears on the CD 'Going Round Again'