My Lady At Tescos

(Mike Sparks - a parody of 'Lady of Autumn' by Dave Webber)

My lady at Tescos who rings on the till
Who tallies my goods who gives me my bill
If I passed without paying they'd take me away
Like that Lady of Autumn they took yesterday

Your pies cheap in winter
Your fish fresh in spring
Fruit yoghurts in summer
And the odd chicken wing
But your prices are changing, it's time I was gone
But the tune of your till lingers on

Your cornflakes so golden
Your Hovis so brown
Your aerosols green
Your coffees fresh ground
But when the sale goods of summer melt away like the snow
I know it's time I must go

For your veg it is changing
It looks overcast
It's been there some time now
It's best days are past
And cheese from the wideworld which in your fridges I find
Means there's wind in my valley but the price on my mind

1995 Mike Sparks

This song appears on the CD 'Going Round Again'