Here We Go Again

(Mike Sparks)

Here we go again, here we go again
We get all the problems, they take all the gains
The best of what is going and we get what remains
Here we go again, here we go again

They've never done a handsturn, it's politics they do
They've never done a nine to five or had to graft like me and you
They take on airs and graces and they soak up all the fame
Nothing seems to change them, it's just here we go again

They closed down all the steelworks, they closed down all the mines
They closed down all the shipyards, they tore up the railway lines
Poured asphalt on the countryside and built on what remains
It's good for party backers and so here we go again

Every now and then we get a democratic chance
To have the vote to get them out, they lead a merry dance
They promise things are going to change truth and honesty reign
But when the polls are over, here we go again

But the worms have started turning, progress positive but slow
The time is surely coming when politicians all will know
That we're fed up with their lying, their greed and their disdain
And we'll take back what they stolen when we come round again

2004 Mike Sparks